KW Griff on 92Q 10-27-1997

KW Griff on 92Q 10-27-1997 [Side A] by Deeznotes on Mixcloud

This recording was brought to you by Josh from Instant Club Hit.

Track Listing:

Wax Musicians – Switch
DJ Patrick – Say His Name
DJ Snoopy feat. Lil’ Mama – Hand Clap
Jasper Street Co. – Solid Ground (Doo Dew Solid)
Griff & Booman – This is It
DJ Patrick – I Got Da Izm (Remix)
Griff & Booman – Pick Em Up
Griff & Booman – Pump It Up
Wax Musicians – Dancefloor (Callin Me)
Dukeyman – Cra-Z’s Anthem
Black Faction – Let Me Ride
Da Horsemen – We Bout It
Quiet Hit Men – Give All My Love
George Kranz – Din Daa Daa
KW Griff – Griff-Ma-Tize
DJ Technics – Freeky Deeky
Jimmy Jones – Where Yall At
Birdie Byrd – Whoa Now Hey Now (Remix)
Da Horsemen – We Cool (A Yo We Boyz)

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  1. yo, whatever happened to I just went there and the site hasnt been updated in YEARS, but i noticed they had a lot of good uploads from 92q mixes from back in the day, but the links are dead. Do you know if the dude who ran the site has another site where he re-upped the tunes? Any help would be appreciated

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